The Happiest Place on Earth!

Earlier this month I flew out West to visit my sister Julia and her family. It’s always so wonderful to see my sister and my adorable nieces! Lots of hugs, kisses, giggles and tickles (the girls LOVE to have their feet tickled) and most of all: LOVE. and my heart aches as my fingers type this post… I already miss them all so much. 🙁

My visit began with a car ride into California and well, Disneyland!! The Happiest Place on Earth! Rosie had been told 3 months prior that we were going, and it was all she could talk about. 🙂 She told strangers, she woke daily to chat about it, and she called Aunt Rachel a lot!! 🙂 “um, we’re goin to disneyland aunt rachel? We’re gonna see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and the princesses.. that gonna be fun!!”

Our trip in photos…

“We’re almost there!” says Rosie… 🙂

Running to the entrance!!
This is Violet 🙂 And she is a most willing subject to photograph. I only have to point my camera and she says “cheeeeeese” with a most natural and beautiful smile. love her!

Rosie showing me how old she’s turning! That birthday button was noticeable to staff all over the park and Rosie got tons of “Happy Birthday, Rosalee!!”


The ‘Finding Nemo’ ride was suuuper exciting! It was like a dream….

Rosie Posie posing for me 🙂 That crazy globe thing in the middle image was the frist ride we rode! Rosie is super brave!!
The character breakfast was a huge hit with the girls, the loved seeing them all! Violet especialy was taken with all the costumed creatures and shared her food with them in turn. When Dale came by for another visit (for all the characters were quite taken by the girl’s enthusiasm) Violet began a game of “peek-a-boo” all on her own, it was so sweet!!

Day 2 and it’s off to the castle and ‘Fantasyland’ for Rosie’s birthday surprise!! Step inside of the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique….


The dress!! Look at that smile…

Worth every penny just to look back at these photos and remember that joy
The make-over… truly dozens of adorable photos, but for now let me say that she chose her own hairstyle, tiara and eyeshadow… “um blue… I WANT BLUE!!” it was adorable.
Princess Rosalee! And if you think that face is funny, you should have seen the cheesy smiles she was giving the photographer in the back with the coach.. when asked for teeth she produced a perfectly innocent snarl. See, she doesn’t really like to smile for strangers, and I love that about her 🙂
Direct light and back-light.. I don’t like squinty eyes, so having the sun behind my subjects is always my preference.
She did this all on her own 🙂
It’s a mad-tea party!!
The magical kingdom at night.

Day 3 and we went to Toon Town. Pink tut-tus made by my mother and I. The girls LOVE them!!

Violet playing more games of peek-a-boo. I love this child and her relationship with the camera… have never met a child that responds to the camera quite like her!!

Violet is also very affectionate, “kisses” she says… oh my heart!!

One last image, taken shortly before we left…
I’ve got a few more blogs to post from my trip, so stay tuned!! And to my girls: can’t wait to see you later this year, all my love…. auntie Rachel
  • Mary Beth said:

    Love every single one!!!

  • Anonymous said:

    We miss you Aunt Rachel! Can't wait till we see you again! Thank you for everything - the memories mostly and the way you've captured them so we can see them again and again!
    J, R, V

  • Sherry said:

    These photos are extraordinary. Well, not for you, but for us mere mortals, they are! You always capture the emotions of the subjects, and I think that makes the memories more alive. Again, you ROCK!