The Lensbaby Sweet 80 optic is here!!



I’ve been very excited to share these images for a while now, it’s so hard to keep quiet when playing with a new lens. 🙂 I want to first thank my friends a Lensbaby for this incredible opportunity!  If you aren’t familiar with the Composer Pro system and all the optics that Lensbaby offers, I encourage you to check them out! The Sweet optics line is my favorite. I’ve made some fun with the Sweet 35 and the Sweet 50 in the past, but when I found out they were making a Sweet 80 I was overjoyed! I prefer longer lenses for my portrait work so I couldn’t wait to get shooting and see what this longer focal length would do. I was not disappointed!

The Lensbaby Sweet 80 is taking sweet portraiture to a whole new level! It gets my focus right on my subject by creating a sweet spot of focus that is moveable while eliminating any distracting elements in the background. All this goodness while simultaneously letting in interesting elements of light and pushing the bokeh outward for an interesting effect that’s signature of the Sweet optics line. They pulled out all the stops to make this lens work just as well as the wider sweet optics options, making it a very remarkable portrait lens! The Sweet 80 is a game changer for the art-lens world!

For the set of images I’ll go over some things I Love, I didn’t record every camera setting, but I can tell you that all images were shot on a Nikon D750 with the lens either wide open at f2.8. or f4. I really like to see what a lens has to offer and the more you push and open up, the more dramatic the effect will be.

The Composer Pro II holds the optics in place which are interchangeable. It’s a genius system! What makes it even better, is that while the Sweet 80 (and all of the sweet optics are made this way), it was a “sweet” center spot that you can actually MOVE around the frame using the composer housing that has a ball mount! Seen here with the center spot, this is the first time I’m using it…. The focus is manual, but it’s smooth and fast for working with littles.


Obviously I wanted to try it out in the sun, one of my favorite and most important elements in my images is light. Every lens lets in light a little differently. Obviously you can avoid this type of flare if you choose, but I happen to love it!


Now we are no longer flooding the lens with sun-bursts, but the light is still trickling through the background creating such a lovely bokeh!


A different sort of light leak… gasp!


This is incredible to me, see the way the light is hitting the foreground content? That forward bokeh is just incredible, and you don’t get that with other lenses. It’s going to “Flare out” the edges no matter if they are in the foreground or background.

Closer up with darker settings the effect is less dramatic but still it’s there…

The lens is going to create the most dramatic effects on strong, contrasty backgrounds.

The sweet80 also has a macro ‘close-up’ focus option. Just pull on the optic away from the lens (don’t twist), and you can get closer to your subject! This is great for close-up portraits and a lot more intimate than other lenses of this focal length.

Again with that flare…. I’m intrigued!

Now we get to the exciting part, some off camera flash! I’ve got two going, one in front and one in back, just to see how this Sweet 80 will react. I LOVE….

I mean the bokeh here, are you kidding?

I can see this lens making quite an impact with some night photography in a busy downtown city. So fun!

Here I’ve let the light from the flash enter the lens, very interesting effect!

You may have noticed our choices in wardrobe with Kaitlyn’s set. The more elements in the shot that reflect light, the more effect you’re going to get!

Now for some fun! I got a fair amount of action shots with this doll. I planned ahead to set my focus and let her move. Even wide open it’s possible to nail a sharp focus!

I love the romantic pull of the edges in this image. To me it completes the feeling of their embrace!

It’s all about the scene! Can you tell there are dozens of people in the background?

Even without a dramatically lit scene or intense bokeh, the Sweet 80 is going to enhance a simple scene. This reminds me of a soft water color.

Same scene as before, I just pulled back and let those sun rays play. This is one of my absolute favorites!

Back at the Louvre in the evening light, le sigh…

Again, a very simple scene that is greatly enhanced, takes me to a dream…

Close up focus!

This scene isn’t the same without the Sweet 80, see how it bends the shadows on the steps creating an interesting bend in the pattern?

If you’re interested in seeing more examples from the Lensbaby Sweet 80, check out their website! I’m always available for questions as well, so hit me up! Or, check out my Facebook page for more images from the Sweet 80 here.


Until then, I’ll keep shooting. 🙂

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