Rosie turns three!

Rosalee is my niece, you might recognize her from my post about Disneyland..  Well as Rosie lives in AZ, I do not see her much 🙁 but this year I got to spend her actual birthday with her!! In the morning, after some very perfectly shaped mickey-mouse pancakes from mommy, Rosie and I took off alone for a mini-shoot. And reader: Rosie rocked it! I mean, most children work better in front of the camera when mom and dad are not around… and Rosie was totally in tune with my camera! I love her so much.. and from her own words (as left on a voice message she left me…) “Rosie’s here!!!”

please note the special Minnie Mouse flip flops…


She does so well to “Laugh Rosie!!”
Two very candid moments and both are my two favorite shots of the shoot!!
Love this face…
Oh my heart…

Rosie, I hope you had the happiest of birthdays!! Auntie Rachel loves you so much!! See you when Elliott is born 🙂   xoxoxoxo

  • Mary Beth said:

    Love them all!!!

  • Julia Gilbert said:

    I love that these images are here. I love that you did them. Can't imagine it any other way. They turned out so good!