How to photograph a 2 year old – Detroit portrait photographer

This little angel is my niece, and you might remember seeing her from her 1-year-session. How sad that she is now in the “children” category! They do grow up fast, don’t they? When my sister in law first asked about setting up a session, there was some talk about “she’s everywhere these days, she will be a handful”.  I suppose I could have stuck her in front of a backdrop and got out a puppet and wore myself out begging her to sit still, but that isn’t her personality! As with most 2-year-olds, the objective for me is to capture who they are. So here is a small tutorial designed to help anyone trying to master this fete. 🙂

Step 1: Take her to a fun place that can be both entertaining and distracting. We chose the Detroit Zoo.

Step 2: You distract her with butterflies!
Step 3: You let her make a splash!

Step 4: You distract her with flowers. 🙂


Step 5: You let her climb on things (with mom right behind her of course!).


Step 6: You promise her snacks, kids get VERY excited with anticipation for snacks!

Step 7: You give her a snack!
This set in front of the fountain might be my favorite. It has such a Parisian feel to it, and she looks like such an angel in that perfect dress! Mom really did a good job of keeping her entertained. 🙂
Step 8: You make her the center of attention. She is, after all, the birthday girl!

Step 9: You let her bond with her big brother. And boy do these two have a sweet relationship. I love the way she says “Donimick” 🙂 (no I did no misspell, she says it wrong and it is oh-so-cute!)

My second favorite of the day!

Step 10: You reward her with treats! I brought these along to act as a needed bribe, and it certainly helped us snap the most fantastic family shots of the day. It’s a secret weapon, use with caution! Once that sucker is handed over, there is no removing it 🙂


Dear M, please stop growing so fast! That is all. Love, Aunt Rachel 🙂
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