Daina & Bill, a Waldonwoods Wedding!

Fall is my favorite time of year, I just love it! All the scents of cider and pumpkin pie and camp fires 🙂 I wish it would last all through winter 😉 Daina and Bill had a GORGEOUS day for their wedding! I still cannot get over how lovely it was.The sun was out, the temperature wasn’t too bad, and we had one heck of a party. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them!

I LOVE her laugh 🙂

Oh My heart!

For all those that say a first look will ruin the mood of the ceremony… look at the tears in his eyes for his bride. this is so real… nothing can take away from that walk up the aisle.

And a VERy special thank you goes out to Mishelle, of Mishelle Lamarand Photography for second shooting with me, I love you lady!


To Daina and Bill, I wish you a world of happiness! You both have such amazing families and I was honored to be part of such an amazing day!! xoxo