Catherine and Aaron, the wedding!!!

LOVELY ceremony at St. Florian’s church in Hamtramck, Detroit. What a gorgeous day, lovely family and such generous people… I hope you love these photos as much as I do!!

Nason peek_002.jpg

Nothing short of my reaction when I saw Catherine’s gown as well… 😉
Nason peek_009.jpg
Nason peek_010.jpg
🙂 charming boy!
Nason peek_015.jpg
Nason peek_022.jpg
Nason peek_027.jpg
Nason peek_028.jpg
Nason peek_035.jpg
Nason peek_041.jpg
Could these two be any cuter??
Nason peek_042.jpg
Nason peek_044.jpg
Nason peek_046.jpg

Such good pups… oh my

Nason peek_050.jpg
Nason peek_052.jpg
Nason peek_057.jpg
Nason peek_059.jpg
Nason peek_063.jpg
Nason peek_064.jpg
Nason peek_065.jpg
Nason peek_067.jpg
Nason peek_078.jpg
Nason peek_079.jpg
Nason peek_080.jpg
Nason peek_081.jpg
Too lovely, Catherine!
Nason peek_084.jpg
Nason peek_095.jpg
My favorite
Nason peek_100.jpg
Nason peek_101.jpg
Nason peek_102.jpg
Nason peek_113.jpgNason peek_112.jpg
Cat and AJ, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness 🙂