Adrienne & Bobby, a New York City Engagement

When I first talked to Adrienne I knew. I knew that we clicked. There was something in her voice, the way we got each others jokes, the fact that we joked! 🙂 She lives in Brooklyn, and they are getting married in Lansing. I was the one to bring up engagement photos in NYC and did she ever entertain the possibility? She became really ecstatic, and we started to formulate a plan. Little did I know the adventure I was setting myself up for…. enjoy the story and the photos!


It’s not exactly cheap to fly anywhere for the weekend so they graciously offered me their spare room (toy trucks and all) to stay in rather than a hotel to save on cost. I’m just that kind of person, but to make it more enticing, Adrienne tried to bribe me: “I make a mean spaghetti!!”

Seriously this was worth the trip right here. 🙂
When I got in my room she had laid out some toiletries much nicer than even a fine hotel, but what I found quite amazing was the stack of magazines including bridal issues and the latest gossip selection. Who thinks of that? Made me feel right at home. There was also a book on photography, you know, so I could freshen up! 😉
Since they live in Brooklyn, it was really important to have a series of images in and around the Brooklyn bridge, amongst the construction, we found it a bit challenging, but I hope these will work 🙂
Phoebe, thanks so much for letting us use your lovely apartment and for access on your roof!! I will never forget that experience!
Possibly my favorite, so hard to decide! But Bobby, you have got the look!
Girl, you are smokin’!
Adrienne and Bobby, thank you so much for bringing me out and showing me around new York! I had such a wonderful time with you both and I can’t wait for your Lansing wedding next year. 🙂 Adrienne, thanks for the laughter, the conversation, the spaghetti (you are right, it is amazing!!) the tears (where did that come from), and especially the midnight surgery. 😉 So glad to have made a friend!
  • Sherry Boyd said:

    I love these! I think my favorites are the night shots... And the construction shots are great. It says that life is always "under construction" - there will always be detours, potholes and those ever-present orange barrels. Just keep on driving and you'll get through it. These photos are fantastic - congratulations to Adrienne and Bobby!

  • Adrienne said:

    Rachel! Fantastic photos!!! You are so talented. Thank you for making the trip and making us look so incredible. And I agree-the construction is the perfect metaphor. Not to mention, part of everyday life in NYC. So it totally works! Again, thank you-from the bottom of my heart.